About Origami Zoo


A simple babycard becomes a three dimensional memory. Some tangram shapes become any animal you can think of on your wall. A simples idea with a surprising effect, that is Origami Zoo.

Paper Product for Playful People
I started Origami Zoo because I wanted to make beautiful things you can have fun with: I wanted to make Paper Products for Playful People. Because you’re never too old to play and because life is just so much more fun if you have the freedom to do the things just the way you like it.

Who am I?
Hi! I am Laila Veerman, nice to meet you! I am a graphic designer from Utrecht, The Netherlands. I love making prints and patterns, geometric designs and cute creatures. When I am not working on Origami Zoo, I am making fab ‘n fresh designs for a variety of clients. You can check my work op shapeshifter.nl. I have a studio in the heart of Utrecht which I share with a small group of designers. You can check us on ontwerpkwartier.nl.

About the blog
As a designer, I’m a busy little bee. I am allways working on ten projects at the same time and I always have 20 other ideas waiting in line. I love my work, but sometimes it is kind of chaotic. I can however really forget about time and all the stuff that has to be done when I am in nature with animals or when I am crafting or painting. Then I have nowhere to go, nothing to archieve and I can really enjoy what I am doing.

In this blog, I would like to share my ideas and inspiration with you. The projects are meant to enjoy and have fun with. It is nice if the results are good, but it is much more important to have fun with it. I hope you enjoy it and share it with others.

Where you can find my work
In my Etsy shop you can find a variation of Tangram wall art and Good luck origami pads. I hope to upload some new products soon!

For the Dutch and Belgium market I have a fun collection of origami birth announcement cards.

Stay in touch
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