Paperless origami: IKEA cork board embroidery

~ How to IKEA hack the hell out of a cork placemat ~

You might have noticed I am a big fan of paperless origami. ‘I’m sorry, what? Paperless origami?’. Well, I think a lot of origami design are so beautiful that I would like to do more with them than just fold them from paper. I shared some paperless origami designs earlier with you in the posts about the Christmas himmeli, the Window drawings and the Embroidery wood tile. For this post, I was inspired during a visit to Ikea, where I found these cork placemats (AVSKILD). 

Since they were only 4 euro per 4 ánd because cork is the new copper (or marble or whatever), I took them home and decided to #ikeahack them! The IKEA cork placemat was upgraded to a OOAK artwork of a Heron! If you would like to do the same: here’s how to do it:

Paperless origami: Cork board embroidery


What you’ll need:

  • IKEA cork placemat AVSKILD
  • Heron artwork template ~ Download it here or make your own.
  • Wool or yarn
  • Embroidery needle
  • Scissors and tape
  • Cup of tea or a glass of wine (or two)


Paperless origami: Cork board embroidery


 IKEA hack the placemat

Print the artwork on 2 sheets of A4 paper and attach them to the cork placemat with some tape. Take the needle and yarn and pull it through the cork sheet starting at the back side, following the lines of design. Pull the needle back again and make a knot at the back (check the back while you are working, it is really pretty). Follow the template on the paper until the embroidery is finished.

Then remove the paper template by gently tearing the paper off the artwork.

Paperless origami: Cork board embroidery
Paperless origami: Cork board embroidery



There you have it! A unique Heron+ dragonfly artwork you created yourself with minimum budget and a little help from IKEA and Origami Zoo. Use some spikes or washi tape to put the artwork up the wall. You can even use the artwork as a cork board for your daily planning or to put up cute notes for eachother.

Now, was that easy or what? Please let me know!

Paperless origami: Ikea cork board embroidery





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