Cork embroidery artwork

IKEA hack this cork placemat and turn it into a unique work of art. Download the template and check the blogpost for the tutorial.

Paperless origami: Ikea cork board embroidery


Zentangle wolf template

Zentangle hard? Not at all. Check the blog for tips and use this animal tangle wolf template to start with. Just download, print and get started!

Zentangle animaltangle wolf template by Origami Zoo


Window drawing printable

Create your own window drawing with these easy steps! Download one of the fab designs from, or try this free printable of these two lovebirds.

Download the free window drawing printable here.

Window drawing printablel ~ by Origami Zoo


Printable paper angel

Today is midwinter day and Christmas is coming really close now! A time of winter lights, cosy homes and lots and lots of presents!! I decided this weekend that I would like to give you a little present for Christmas too, and made this cute paper angel for you to print and fold yourself. Here you’ll find how to make the angel.

Download the paper angel printable here.

Christmas winter paper angel - free download by Origami Zoo


Origami himmeli tutorial

In Finland it is a tradition to make a straw Himmeli for a Christmas decoration. This year I wanted to make my own, but just a little different: I decided to make a real origami himmeli for the holiday season! A great project for these rainy days. Find the tutorial here.

Download the dove design here.

Origami himmeli by Origami Zoo


Printable paper kaleidocycle

For this years Etsy Craft Party I designed this kaleidocycle. This is a paper ring from geometric shapes, that rotates infinitely. An easy to make and fascinating shape. Check the pictures and the tutorial on this blogpost.

Download the tutorial here (color) and here (blank).

Kaleidocycle printable/tutorial by Origami Zoo


Valentine artwork

This Valentine’s day artwork I made for you is Very Valentine, but is not so sugarcoated that you will break your teeth on it. And – my Valentine’s gift for you – you get to download it for free! Print out to put on the wall, or make it into a card. Check the blog for examples.

Download the Valentine artwork here.

Valentine breakfast - Artwork by Origami Zoo


Printable stuffed reindeer head

Last year I bought two vintage wool plaids and made some stuffed reindeer heads with it. The leftovers I used for some cute little Xmas tree softies and the fringes for a Christmas garland. Curious? Check my blog.

Download the tutorial here.

Reindeer from vintage wool plaid - DIY tutorial