Zentangle wolf template – DIY animal tangle

~ Download the wolf zentangle template and treat yourself to some zzzzzen me-time ~

I am not always a fan of trends, but I just love all these adult coloring books that are available in the shops now! Nothing more relaxing than to sit down with a pig pot of tea, a coloring book and some pencils, start coloring and forget the time. Another meditative way of creating is zentangle. It is relaxing, creative and -just like coloring- anybody can do it!


Zentangle animaltangle wolf template by Origami Zoo


What is zentangle?

Zentangle is a form of abstract drawing using repetitive patterns. It is a fun and easy way to create beautiful drawings. The results are surprising beautiful, but the real purpose of this way of drawing is not the result, it is the process. Tangling is calming and relaxing, it is a very meditative form of art. While zen tangle is meant to be abstract, animal tangle is a direction of this meditative process that is focused on creating animals.

Would you like to try? Start by drawing a border (or animal outline) on the paper. Draw one of more strings/lines in that border. Then fill the spaces that you created with easy patterns (tangles). Is it that easy? Yes it is! If you would like to know more: Check the official website.

Here are some tips for you to get the best zentangle experience:


Tip 1: Go with the flow

You’ll probably start with an image in your mind of how the result must look like. Forget about that! Just get started without any expectation and the result might just surprise you. This is about the process, about enjoying the moment you experience right now.


Tip 2: Make mistakes

Accept that mistakes will happen. Because it is not a mistake, it is an opportunity! If you draw something you are at first not happy with: Keep drawing! You’ll find that these mistakes will inspire you to try new things and will give unexpected nice results. A little while ago I decided that I have to finish every drawing I start, and my work is so much more interesting ever since! Beauty is found in imperfection.


Zentangle animaltangle wolf template by Origami Zoo


Tip 3: Have faith

Just like meditation: zentangle is not about the results, it is about the process. You can’t fail at meditation, because just the fact that you are practicing meditation, will bring result, no matter how ofteryour thoughts go all over the place.

It is the same with drawing: Try not to focus on the result but on the process. And have faith that the result will be better if you do so.


Tip 4: Take it easy

Don’t rush it. Draw slow. If you don’t know what pattern to use in a section, just go to another section or put your artwork aside for a moment. If you travel slow, you’ll see more.

Zentangle animaltangle wolf template by Origami Zoo

Tip 5: Enjoy!

Enjoy watching your project slowly transform into your unique piece of art. You’re never too old to play!


Feel like making your own tangled animal? I made a template of the wolf drawing to get you started. Just print the template and fill it with your own patterns. Use your imagination. Happy drawing!


Zentangle animaltangle wolf template by Origami Zoo

Bonustip: Don’t drink and draw

Not because you’ll make more mistakes (there are no mistakes!). But because you’ll end up with wine stains on your paper for sure:)





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